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man cleaningIt might seem a bit biased when I write this article since I am not a gamer myself, but I just don’t get why a lot of people seem to be very addicted with video games, and tend to forget everything else in life. Although I respect people who are passionate about it, I just don’t understand why it seems like they have never grown up. Some of them already have their own family, but they still act like little children who can’t live if they don’t play video games.

This statement might seem offensive, but for someone like me who didn’t come from a wealthy family, it feels like I have accomplished a lot more in life since I did not spend my time playing video games. I am not telling everyone to be like me. My point is that if we try to live our lives in a more meaningful way, then we can contribute a lot not just to our respective families, but for the society in general too.

Evaluate yourself

When you don’t have a helper at home and you see your parents doing all the household chores, don’t you feel bad? The same thing is true when you already have a family of your own and your wife does the cleaning. Isn’t it embarrassing that you allow other people to do the entire job without any contribution at all? Even if let’s say you work hard and you can afford to pay for a helper to do household chores, it does not mean you don’t have to do anything anymore?

I mean, it is fine to play every now and then to give yourself a break. There is nothing wrong in making yourself feel good especially if you have worked hard enough to deserve it. However, there are those who have not achieved anything significant, but act like they deserve to play the entire day.

Start by cleaning up

You don’t have to do something big or difficult just to make the most of your time. You can just start by cleaning up your house. It helps a lot if you spend time even just to clean the floor and pull your weight in the household chores. Besides, you can read steam cleaner reviews to find out how to choose the best steam cleaner. When you have a steam cleaner with you, you can clean up the floor in just a matter of minutes. Even if you have a huge house, it won’t take a lot of time.

Feel better

See? You don’t have to do a lot to feel good about yourself. By simply cleaning up your floor, you have already done your part. Rest assured, you can try doing something bigger and more useful later on. You are not expected to do drastic changes. However, you simply have to be responsible since other people are counting on you too. Besides, you are doing this not just to help out but also to be a better person.


Changing Your Bad Habits as a Video Gaming AddictThere is nothing wrong in being a video gaming addict as long as you stay responsible. When you can still do your tasks or balance your time, then go ahead and play whenever you want. However, the problem is that some games can be very addictive and some gamers have the tendency to easily forget everything when they are in the zone for their favorite video games.

This is why they fail to balance everything else. They no longer spend enough time to study or work. They might even forget their responsibilities with their families or special someone. It does not just affect time, but relationships as well. If you can totally relate to this, then it might be high time to change your attitude. Yes, you have the freedom to play if you want, but your world should not revolve around it.

Start everything right

When you wake up in the morning, instead of playing immediately, you have to do the necessary things first. Fix your bed and clean up your mess. Help in some household chores and do what you are supposed to do a long time ago. Then, fix yourself. Whether or not you are going out, it feels great when you are refreshed. You can start looking for shower head reviews if you want a new shower head. You can also check the best deals on the best shower heads. If a new shower head will make you feel more interested in taking a bath on a cold morning, then do it.

Find something else to work on

The reason why video games can be so addictive is because you have a goal to reach. You might want to finish a certain level or kill a certain target. You have a sense of accomplishment even if it is just on the virtual world. You can also the same thing in real life. Find something to work on and achieve that target. For instance, you can take a postgraduate degree and make sure you finish it on time. If not, you can learn a new language and give yourself a deadline. These are also some of the most challenging tasks that you can do to keep your mind away from video games. You can also try something simpler like redecorating your house or working extra to pay for a new car. Aside from the fact that these are very challenging, they also make your life better in the end. On the other hand, playing video games will give you a sense of accomplishment only on the virtual world.

Just balance everything

Again, you are not discouraged from playing your favorite games. However, there are some bad habits that come with being an addict that you have to throw away. You need to start a better life for yourself and for the people you love. You don’t want to waste your time for nothing. When your mind is off the games, then you can work on something more important later on.

This topic has been discussed before and will continue to be discussed as more and more information comes out 1about the health concerns of too much gaming. For now we have studied enough gamers to know that it can cause some adverse effects on the gamer in question. Here are some things that can change in an individual if he/she is gaming beyond casual gamer conventions.
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Being a professional gamer can be a very long and tedious route towards wealth and fortune, but it could be 3very lucrative with consistently placing in winning ranks at tournaments, both in single competitions and team play, as well as acquiring sponsorships.
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Being a professional gamer can be a very long and tedious route towards wealth and fortune,2 but it could be very lucrative with consistently placing in winning ranks at tournaments, both in single competitions and team play, as well as acquiring sponsorships.

The heights of professional gaming income so far has been just over a half a million dollars. There are very few professional gamers that are making six figure incomes (to be honest very few jobs would provide such a high salary in the first place), but they are out there, and there are more making decent salary with their professional gaming than most “n00bs” to the professional gaming community would even believe.

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